Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sad Sad (Computer) News

Although Swoonette has only just begun, it is with sad news that I must say that this blog is already on a bit of a break. Over Thanksgiving, while we were all enjoying some yummy food and wonderful company, my computer decided to take a vacation of its own... and unfortunately it has decided NOT to come back! I was hoping that my computer's issues were minor, however, after visiting the friendly peeps over at the SoHo Apple store I'm afraid that it is more of a major disaster. So while I mourn the loss of my computer golden child, and do some research on what my next technological move will be, the posts here at Swoonette may be a little bit haphazard. Luckily I have my old trusty iBook to work off of until I decide what to do next, but unfortunately slow and steady doesn't necessarily win the race when it comes to blogging! So blog land if you can just bear with me for a little bit of time, I promise that once I get my computer woes figured out, that I will be back to bringing you some beautiful design inspirations!


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