Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chandelier Roundup

I'm a bit of a daydreamer, kind of girly, a hopeless romantic, and drawn to things that sparkle. What design element fits in perfectly with all of these things? Why the chandelier of course! Chandeliers are elegant and glamorous, and they come in so many shapes, styles, and colors that there is one out there for everyone, no matter what your budget! However, for this post I didn't want to just roundup a collection of purchasable chandeliers. I wanted something a bit more interesting and personal. So instead I hopped on over to Flickr, to check out people's real life pictures. There I sought out some of the most inspiring and gorgeous chandeliers that I could find. To me chandeliers are not just about looking pretty, they are also about evoking a special feeling or emotion, and I think that the pictures I found do just that. These are the chandeliers that fairy tales are made of!

 Photo Credits (Top to Bottom): Sarah~Peters, Christine&Eric, Edward Willett,


Wendy said...

I share your passion for chandeliers and am really enjoying the pictures of them.

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