Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Photographers: The Girls

Next up for favorite friend photographer is Rebecca! Rebecca's style is sweet and romantic, and she loves trying to capture the quintessential "perfect moment". Her photos are dreamy, sometimes a little out of focus, and oozing with passion and emotion. Not only does she have a great eye, but she is also incredibly adept at catching the feelings of a moment. Even though Rebecca excels at taking all types of photos, her absolute favorite to snap is the candid.

One never knows when Miss Rebecca might snap a picture...

... but many times we are also set up for a "faux-candid photo shoot", in which moments like these are captured! We totally look like we're having fun, right?!?

One can always count on an absolutely gorgeous (and frame worthy) photo to come from Rebecca's camera, and more often than not there is even a cute candid in there too (real or fake!). 

Next up is a trio of photographers, my friends Sarah and Gina, and myself! Individually our photographic styles vary, but in an AHA moment (otherwise known as "OK we just did a tunnel run AND we have our cameras! Now what randomness can we get into?!?") we decided to create our own unique "together style." We dubbed it the "Random Photo" (we are so clever huh!?!). While none of these photos are exactly of the "keepsake" variety, they are ALWAYS good for a great laugh, and they remind us not to take life too seriously. 

The start of it all. 

There are plenty of odd things on our college campus just begging for "Random Photo" ops.

Our other friends quickly caught on to this great photographic style. 

The "Random Photo" takes the boring everyday stuff we see all the time, and creates something fun and original... because memories can really be made anywhere at anytime! 


Anonymous said...

These are great pics!!

Rebecca said...

Vic, these brought back some good memories!!

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