Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Photographers: The B-Man

For those of you who don't know this about me, let me just tell you now... I LOVE pictures! I also love taking pictures! In high school and college I passed a good chunk of time in the dark room, letting my creative mind wander, and along the way I managed to accrue a group of friends who love pictures and photography as much as I do. Because of this, needless to say, we are never without good photographic coverage of an event! The best thing though, is that we each have our own personal photographing style. So in honor of this I thought I would roundup some of my favorite pictures, from my favorite photographers. My friend photographers that is! 

First up is Brant! Brant has the most unique style of anybody I know (in general he simply holds the camera at some bizarre angle and snaps away without ever looking through the viewfinder), but my most favorite thing about his style is his amazing ability to capture the spirit and soul of all of his subjects. He generates pictures that are energetic, fun, and happy! And like many other "great" photographers Brant also has certain areas that he specializes in. 

Like the walking shot, and the "Are we having fun yet?" shot!

Brant has the talent of being able to bring out the goofiness in everyone, and thus many of his pictures wind up being an expose on the most ridiculous faces ever! But unfortunately he does have one downfall as a photographer, he is NOT to be trusted with taking the "group photo", because the results while entertaining, are never frame worthy.

You'll get shots where nobody is paying attention...

... or where the subjects aren't in the frame...

... or where nothing is centered, and only one person looks "nice"!

I always love Brant's pictures though, no mater how crazy and ridiculous they are, because he captures the best in everyone!


Wendy said...

Those pictures are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Vic! Great photos...brings back many great memories!!

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