Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Your Average Chandelier

Typically a chandelier is viewed as a purely functional source of lighting, used for creating visibility over a larger table, and defining a more formal eating area. However, nowadays design junkies are taking it upon themselves to break this stereotype, and they are finding new and unique places to hang these gorgeous lamps. And because chandeliers now come in such a broad range of styles, you can easily find one to place in almost any area of your house. Chandeliers aren't just for the dinning room anymore!


Photo Credits (Top to Bottom, and Left to Right): Kitchen - Unknown, Bedroom - Turquoise, Laundry Room - Saucy, Nursery - featured on Parents Magazine online, Bathroom - Country Living, Living Room - Unknown


Rebecca said...

Makes me want to put one in every room!

Anonymous said...

You should hang one in your bedroom!!

Molly Pants said...

I love the one in the bathroom! Considering how many of us have trouble thinking of something more luxurious and relaxing than a long hot bath, it seems fitting to make that room just a little extra special.

Vic said...

I especially love the one in the laundry room!

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