Monday, March 8, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou Swoonette?

OK, so I have definitely been significantly missing from the blogosphere recently... for which I wanted to apologize. As you all know my creative inspirations tend to come in spurts. I can go great lengths of time with none, or I can have 20 different ideas come at me all at once! Right now my inspirations are lacking. However, I wanted to let you know where I am using them... and it's on a whole new blog redesign!! I've decided it's finally time to switch over to Wordpress (and to check out all of the glorious things it has to offer). So I've been a busy little bee attempting to code up a snazzy new look for Swoonette over there! It's not ready, nor will it be for probably a bit longer, but I did make a good chunk of progress this weekend. And so in honor of the new design, and this gorgeous sunny weather, I thought I would share with you the pretty picture that is inspiring the new Swoonette look!

Photo taken from The Sweetest Occasion. I saw this featured wedding, and knew right away that these cheery colors were the way I needed to go!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rain Boots

I LOVE rain boots! The more colorful, the better. And now that the NYC snow has started to melt, and the sidewalks have turned to piles of dirty slushy mush, I have been wearing my rain boots on a nearly daily basis. There is just something about seeing a pair of brightly colored boots on a gross gray day that somehow seems to make it all better! So hopefully this roundup of colorful boots (all via Flickr) will be enough to bring a little sunshine into your day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paper Garlands

Recently I've been totally crushing on paper garlands. I'm not really sure why, and I'm not really sure what I'd actually do with one. However, with all that said and done, I'm pretty sure at some point in the near future I'll find myself sitting at my sewing machine, with a stack of paper scraps, whipping one up! There is something so whimsical and delicate about them... and they are just so beautiful in their simplicity.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sheets For Molly

My friend Molly recently asked me to help her gather up some ideas for some much needed new sheets. Her bedding is mostly earth tones: reds, browns, dark oranges, and occasionally hints of green. Needless to say I couldn't resist, and I put together a little roundup of bedding I think will fit her color scheme quite nicely! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog It Forward: What Inspires Me

I can't believe it's finally my turn to post for the "Blog it Forward" mashup, and I somehow managed to get myself sandwiched in between two pretty awesome blogs, Sweet Sassafras (who blogged on Friday), and Sycamore Street Press (who blogs tomorrow)! It's been pretty amazing to read all the inspirational posts so far, and it's definitely a nice way to start the day, so without further ado here is what inspires me. 

For me, inspiration comes in spurts. It's not a steady stream of consciousness running in the back of my head. It's not dependable, and I can't call upon it whenever I need a little extra push. It's like lightning. It strikes at random and without much warning, and it leaves my senses tingling. It excites me, and moves me, and fills me up so much I feel like I could burst. But just as quickly as it comes, it also then sadly slips away, and I question when the next wave of inspiration will hit. I am not an artist. I am not focussed. My mind wanders, and with it so does my creativity. I dabble here, and I dabble there. But each time I express this creative side of myself I allow my mind to grow just a little bit more. Creativity is my love... my passion. The things that inspire me weave in and out of my life, touching my soul, allowing me to expand my creative canvas, and leaving me fulfilled and content. There is not just one thing that inspires me, and there is not just one part of my soul that is affected. With each strike of my inspirational lightning a different part of my being is awakened, and allowed a chance to take flight.

  • I am inspired and fascinated by the ever changing beauty of the ocean. The sand surrounds me in a comforting blanket, while the music of the water sets me free and let's me get lost in the moment. Together they wash away my worries, and cleanse my soul. 
  • Nothing is more perfect or inspiring then natural light. The way the sun (or even the moon) can dance across a surface, and play with the air, makes me strive to stretch my creativity in order to capture it, and its essence. 
  • My pets inspire me to pursue my love of photography. Even though animals can not talk and can not smile, they can love. They can love unconditionally, and without expectations, and my camera allows me to capture this love. 
  • My mom, my Mummy, inspires me in ways I can not even express. She continually offers me never ending love and support, and is truly my best friend. She is always there for me when I need her, whether it is to celebrate in joy and happiness, or it is to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, and attempt to mend them back together. She is always inspiring me to be a better version of myself. 
  • With his Top Chef worthy skills and passion, my dad inspires me to cook... when nobody is looking. He inspires me to stretch my DIY wings, and allows me to explore my every artistic whim and fancy. He influences my passions in ways that he doesn't even know, or realize. 
  • Project Runway inspires me to whip out my sewing machine. It only takes me viewing one episode for me to think that I can be the next sewing genius... forget what a whole marathon can do to me! Sewing aside though, and this show is forever inspiring me to whip up something fun and crafty.
  • The kiddos in my life (not my own... I was a nanny) are a constant reminder to me at how quickly time passes. They inspire me to enjoy all the small things in life, stopping every now and again to take it all in, and allowing my heart to fill up with love. {In addition to the kiddos, my friend Wendy is also very good at inspiring me to have this same attitude, and her words always make such a lovely lasting impression on me.} 
  • The people I care about inspire me to write, by fueling the emotions that allow my words to come to life with such passion and meaning.
Inspiration is different for everyone, and even though many of us are inspired by the same types of things, it is the way that we each personally see them that makes them unique, and makes them special to us. Now in the spirit of the mashup, and the blogging community, please be sure to check out the other wonderful posts that will be inspiring the blogosphere today (A Diary of Lovely, Bread of Many, Darcy Rogers, Green Chair Studio, La Dolce Vita, Mocking Bird, Paper and Thread, Seek & Find Design and The Yellow House in The U), and don't forget to check out Sycamore Street Press when she blogs it forward tomorrow! AND I also just want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone for stopping by today, and for reading about what inspires me. I hope you all have a lovely and inspiration filled day!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Little One"

I'm currently in a deep photo hunt, searching out pictures to use in my mashup post for Monday. I want to use only my own photos, so I am frantically searching through my computer in hopes of finding enough pictures to make my post as visually pleasing as I hope it will be verbally. In my hunt I came across one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE photos, and since it never fails to make me smile, I wanted to share it with the rest of you!

"Little One" Hawaii 2005. If you look really closely in the left lens of my sunglasses you can see me, my glass of wine, and my camera...which in my mind make this picture even more swoon worthy... the camera and the wine that is!

The Sweeterie

The "Blog it Forward" mashup has started, and it is happily leaving bits and pieces of delightful inspiration everywhere! Quite honestly, it's sort of a force to be reckoned with! It's amazing to be given little glimpses into these ladies lives in such a personal way... through what inspires them the most. And personally right now, I'm rather enjoying what other people have to share, then attempting to use my own creativity, so today I just wanted to share with you this really sweet little blog I recently stumbled upon, T.ruffles. It's ridiculously sweet and simple, yet oh so complex and inspiring, and it sums up what blogging is really all about... community. You see T.ruffles is a blog between two "imaginary friends." Mary opens up the day with an absolutely stunning photograph, and Karey (who I also just discovered is in the mashup... eek... yay!) closes out the day with some very heartfelt words to accompany said photograph. For me, this blog is a match made in heaven, and not just because of the way that their words and photos compliment each other so well, but because it combines two things I hold near and dear to my heart... photography and writing. On a side note, I actually attempted a project like this myself in college, when for my final photo class assignment I combined my own photography with some of my own quick little poetry bits. Needless to say these ladies do a MUCH better job than that old project of mine, but the sentiment is the same! So if you have a few extra minutes in your day, I strongly suggest you take a peek into The Sweeterie that is T.ruffles, it's well worth the trip! And if you need a little teaser of their goodness, check out this great sample below (I found this one totally fitting for my life since 98% of my emails start out this way these days!). 

Photo from T.ruffles