Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sweeterie

The "Blog it Forward" mashup has started, and it is happily leaving bits and pieces of delightful inspiration everywhere! Quite honestly, it's sort of a force to be reckoned with! It's amazing to be given little glimpses into these ladies lives in such a personal way... through what inspires them the most. And personally right now, I'm rather enjoying what other people have to share, then attempting to use my own creativity, so today I just wanted to share with you this really sweet little blog I recently stumbled upon, T.ruffles. It's ridiculously sweet and simple, yet oh so complex and inspiring, and it sums up what blogging is really all about... community. You see T.ruffles is a blog between two "imaginary friends." Mary opens up the day with an absolutely stunning photograph, and Karey (who I also just discovered is in the mashup... eek... yay!) closes out the day with some very heartfelt words to accompany said photograph. For me, this blog is a match made in heaven, and not just because of the way that their words and photos compliment each other so well, but because it combines two things I hold near and dear to my heart... photography and writing. On a side note, I actually attempted a project like this myself in college, when for my final photo class assignment I combined my own photography with some of my own quick little poetry bits. Needless to say these ladies do a MUCH better job than that old project of mine, but the sentiment is the same! So if you have a few extra minutes in your day, I strongly suggest you take a peek into The Sweeterie that is T.ruffles, it's well worth the trip! And if you need a little teaser of their goodness, check out this great sample below (I found this one totally fitting for my life since 98% of my emails start out this way these days!). 

Photo from T.ruffles


karey m. said...

THIS WAS SO NICE! this was one of the kindest write-ups we've had! what a treat. seriously.

made my night. {having a lazy weird word day, so my comment stinks. sorry.}


Vic said...

Thank you for your amazingly sweet comment (it made MY night!), although I am pretty sure my post doesn't even begin to do your blog justice! I am in love with your blog! I can't wait to see what inspires you when it is your turn to "Blog it Forward." And thank you for inspiring me with your words.

Wendy (Give Love Create Happiness) said...

Thank you for sharing your favorites! It is fun to see. I checked out the blog and think it is great :-)

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