Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh And P.S.

I have totally failed to mention that the "Blog it Forward" mashup starts TOMORROW!! Be sure to check out the schedule, and be prepared for plenty of inspiring posts! Since there is a total of 300 (yup 300!) bloggers participating in this crazy adventure it will be kicking off on 10 different blogs (Creature Comforts, Design for Mankind, Heart Fish, Hula Seventy, ink on my fingers, oh, hello friend, the paper pony, Poppytalk, sfgirlbybay and Smile and Wave). My post will be coming to you on Monday the 15th, and you should also be sure to check out my friend Elizabeth's post (of Beer Barn fame!) when it hits on Wednesday the 24th... it will be featured on her new craftalicious blog Button & Bean!

And p.s. sorry for all the link madness in this post! I just needed to make sure everyone got credit where credit was due!


Anonymous said...

so excited to read about your inspiration!!!

i hope I can keep up with reading all the posts... 300, yikes!

Jessica Nichols said...

I am so excited to be a part of Blog It Forward! I might have to cut out laundry, dishes and cooking in order to make time to read all the blog posts. I go on Thursday, 2/11 and I'm planning to work on it tonight and tomorrow.

Thank you for commenting on my blog today, I think I will frame that sweet letter like you suggested. :)

Vic said...

Elizabeth - I too can't wait to read what inspires you!

Jessica - I totally agree... I think life may need to stop in order to keep up with the mashup!

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