Friday, January 15, 2010

Beer Barn

So I've been attempting to clean up the chaos of The Apartment all day, in order to have things slightly neat and tidy, before I have to head to the airport to pick up my friend Sarah, who is coming to visit for the weekend (YAY!). However, I'm finding putting things back together in an orderly fashion, after my week of DIY projects, is a bit harder than I had anticipated... mainly due to the fact that I keep getting sidetracked by all things cute and funny in the world today! For instance I've watched Ben's stint on "Parks and Recreation" about a dozen times so far (and I still can't stop laughing). I've contemplated what bacon cupcakes might taste like (thanks Rebecca, I'm totally intrigued now). And I've spruced up the amaryllis plant my aunt gave me for Christmas (see picture below).

Presto chango! Bye bye ugly plastic container and hello totally Swoonette worthy replacement! It's actually just some painter's paper I happened to have hiding out in the closet, and a cute ribbon bow! I think it looks SO much better now though... and actually sort of chic!

However, my main distraction of the day comes from the adorableness that is my friend Elizabeth's daughter Emma! I kindly convinced my lovely friend that she NEEDED to guest blog here on Swoonette today, and she agreed! Hooray! My first guest blogger! So without further ado here is what I just can't take my eyes off of... because, I love beer, and I love kids!

The Beer Barn: By Elizabeth 

Emma and I found a make-shift barn for her animals today.
Perhaps I should actually make it look like a barn instead of a weird animal brewery.

OK back to cleaning! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your swoon worthy family, and your clever six pack idea!


Wendy (Give Love Create Happiness) said...

I love that idea! You have me thinking now. The plant looks very swoon worthy! Good work, and Happy Friday!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for having us. Very sweet of you! We love reading your blog (okay, so Emma clearly can't read yet... but I am smitten.) Hope to guest post again sometime :)

(and I hope to have you guest post on a new blog I'm starting soon)

Jen said...

super cute!! what a great idea!

Vic said...

Beer Barn: Take 2!

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