Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Owen Maxwell

Last night I discovered my upstairs neighbors have a cat (in addition to their two dogs). My downstairs neighbors also have a cat. I am in a kitty sandwich, with currently no kitty of my own here in Brooklyn (insert my sad face here). I do have two kitty boys (Owen Maxwell and Sullivan), but they live at home with my mom... and I was by no means being allowed to move them to Brooklyn with me (once again insert my sad face here). It's okay though, they are very good company for my mom, and I get to see them on my frequent visits home (I'm still not quite ready to part with my car... we'll just call it a mild case of separation anxiety... I mean I have been driving since I was 16, that's over a decade!). I'm hoping I can convince my roomie that we need a cat, and by that I mean I NEED a cat... and soon! She's allergic, but I'm hoping to work some magic on her at some point, thus allowing me to bring a fur baby into The Apartment. In the meantime I dream of this cutie below... he's just one of my many swoonettes.

Isn't he ridiculously photogenic?!? I'm convinced if Tyra Banks had an "America's Next Top Animal Model" he would win (he would of course be the plus sized model of the group, but I'm pretty sure he could stomp out the competition with his fierceness!).  


Wendy (Give Love Create Happiness) said...

so sweet :-)

Elizabeth said...

aww, he's the grey version of my orange kitty :)

Anonymous said...

He's your "Pudge" and he and Sully told me that they would like to visit you in "The Apartment" in March when the Mummys come to town. How fab is that....two kitties and two Mummys!!
xxoo Guess Who

Heaven said...

OMG!! it's my ollie...and yes.. so so SO handsome. my heart swoons. and how much does that lump of love weigh? Last vet visit (house call) for mr Ol, he weighed in at 20.4lbs. ooops.. ;}

Vic said...

Oh Owen is 20lbs of cuddly love! And his most favorite thing is to have his squishy belly rubbed, while he lays on his back... he thinks he is a dog!

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