Friday, November 20, 2009


I know, I know! Right now you are all staring at your computer screens asking yourselves the same question! Swoonette? What in the world is a swoonette?!? Well... I don't really know either! Let me explain...

It dawned on me the other day that there are so many beautiful things in this world. However, the things that I find beautiful might not be the same things that you find beautiful. While I may find the way that the sunlight creeps into my room in the mornings, and splashes across my bed, to be utterly breathtaking, you might view it as nothing more than a reason to lower the shades a bit more. However, while you might find the way the rain droplets pound against your window sills to be the most amazing symphony, I might find them to be highly distracting and headache inducing (I don't actually feel this way, but you get the idea!). To each their own! And thus this idea of a swoonette popped into my head. AND... yes it's a totally made up word! But, I can sense you all still asking what exactly is it! So let me give you a quick little definition before I carry on:

swoon \'swün\ verb: 1. to become enraptured. (swooning with joy) (definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster)
swoonette \'swün-'et\ noun: 1. the things that make one swoon 2. an object, person, feeling, moment, song, picture... ANYTHING... that causes one great happiness. (my cat is my swoonette) (definition courtesy of my brain!)

So... hopefully we are all on the same page now! If not, no worries, just wait it out, and maybe you will get the idea! So as I was saying, there are so many lovely things that we encounter every day. Sometimes we realize them... and sometimes we don't. Either way though, I always find it quite intriguing to see what everyone else finds inspirational and beautiful, and so Swoonette was born! Every morning I love sitting down with my cup of coffee and pouring through the posts in my Google Reader. I have so many WONDERFUL blogs that I follow (check out the daily eye candy section in the sidebar!), and the imagery fills me up with happy thoughts and wonderful scenes to take with me as I head out into the day. I too wanted to be able to share with the blogosphere the things that I find beautiful... my swoonettes!

So what will you find here on Swoonette? Well... basically it will be a little of this, and a little of that! But what I will promise you is that the things here will always be beautiful (well at least what I consider beautiful that is!). So sit back, grab a cup of something yummy, and let the posts here wash over you and leave you all warm and tingly!

Hope you enjoy!



Debbie said...

You're my swoonette!

Wendy said...

I adore the name of your blog! It looks so beautiful and I am very excited to make your posts apart of my daily routine. Thank you for sharing, and for including me in blogs I heart! It means a lot to me. I need to follow your example and put a sidebar in mine. I am so impressed with how lovely this blog is!

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