Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue and White Mood Board

While there are several versions of the blue and white color scheme (all equally beautiful), I have to say that my personal favorite is the good old classic of crisp bright white and dark cobalt blue. Perhaps it has something to due with the fact that I grew up near the ocean, and so very often you find this color scheme present in seaside homes. Or perhaps it is because blue is my favorite color, and there is no better way to showcase its beautiful hues then on a blank canvas of white. Either way though there is something so elegant and classic about this color combo. It's a timeless design chameleon, shifting itself to fit into the homes of both the fanciful artist and the elegant designer alike.

Towels by Ralph Lauren, Tea Set from Wedgwood, Dress by Roxy, Fabric Swatch from the Whimsy Collection by Pillow & Maxfield, Shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag by Buti, Fabric Artwork by mondocherry.  


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